Welcome to Neon8 video Training

It’s never been easier or quicker to record, edit and share videos to your world. So, more than ever, it means the video you do produce needs to be of a quality that cuts through. With so much choice, holding people’s attention becomes of paramount importance. Empowering you to take advantage of modern technology is the aim of this bespoke training program.

Why Neon8?

In addition to Neon8’s video production work, Creative Director Kelman has 15 years experience delivering training all over the UK in audio (as an Avid Certified Trainer) and video (Adobe Premiere Pro Certified Expert). Through speaking with training delegates and finding out what they really want to learn, Kelman has devised a new training program for Neon8 that has the delegates professional requirements as the kernel of the learning.

Kelman will train delegates to shoot (video & audio), edit and share videos. Understanding visual storytelling requires more than just being a whizz with software – it requires that you understand how to tell a story and you tell it the best you can utilising the best of the kit you have.

Our first 2 training courses are now live on Eventbrite. ‘Shoot like a Pro on the Go’ and ‘Edit like a Pro on the Go’ can now be booked on Eventbrite. Please click on the images below to find out more and book…